Google launches new line of entry-level $100 Android One smartphones in India

Google launches new line of entry-level $100 Android One smartphones in India

Google has recently announced the launch of its Android One initiative, under which the company will offer entry-level, $100 Android handsets in India, starting from September 15. The cost of the Android One handsets in India will begin at Rs. 6,399, or approximately $105.

Google also has plans underway to expand the Android One initiative to Indonesia, the Philippines and South Asia towards the later part of 2014.

The Android One smartphones being launched by Google in India are powered by reference design hardware, together with closely integrated, standardized, stock-Android User Interface (UI).

The first set of Android One smartphones is being manufactured by Google in collaboration with three Indian vendors --- Micromax, Spice, and Karbonn. Though the Android One handsets from the three vendors are slightly different in terms of look and feel, they have almost the same internals.

The Android One handsets from Micromax, Spice, and Karbonn will be consistent when it comes to the basic design philosophy and build quality. The handsets will be made of plastic, and will have a simple, practical look. The key focus behind the devices is to make them durable as well as convenient to hold, with soft rounded corners and edges.

Introducing the Android One line of smartphones in New Delhi, Sundar Pichai - Google's SVP for Android, Chrome and apps - said: "We're making it easier for our partners to build phones that are not just great to use, but also affordable."