PARK(ing) Day Celebration Turns Parking Spots into Temporary Parks

PARK(ing) Day Celebration Turns Parking Spots into Temporary Parks

In the year 2005, a special day of transforming parking lots into greener temporary parks was celebrated in downtown San Francisco. That marked the first PARK(ing) Day which, ever since has turned into an international movement.

The celebration of PARK(ing) Day, is held nationally on the third Friday of every September. The day sees the concrete parking lots turn into greener spaces with pots and plants and people enjoying outdoor activities just like in the parks.

Students of the University of Virginia also celebrated this wonderful occasion. President of the Student Planning Association at UVa, Mary Butcher said, "I wanted to do it because I'm a huge advocate for biking and walking." She added, "It's to show citizens and other people what this space could be used for."

The intention behind celebrating the PARK(ing) day is to grab the attention of people to understand the requirement of more open spaces in the urban areas. The students of the university said that this was the first year of celebration of the PARK (ing) Day on grounds. The yearly affair which began in San Francisco has now spread all over the county.