Google Glass’ first addict

Google Glass’ first addict

Only 20 months after information giant Google propelled its Google Glass, the wearable multi-gadget giving contraption has asserted its first case of addiction.

Google Glass now joins the positions of other habit inducers, in the same way as Ps4 and Xbox One, or even Facebook, Twitter or other immersing social networking stages.

Anyhow it is exceedingly doubtful that Google Glass will verge on the others in heaping up its own particular rundown of addiction exploited people; simply because, best case scenario, as clients say, the device can be a fringe augmenter as opposed to something that can by and large supplant an officially acknowledged contraption, in the same way as the advanced phone for example.

The habit case has been accounted for from Naval Medical Center San Diego, USA, where the 31-year-old war fleet man was being dealt with after he intentionally registered with the US Navy's Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program essentially for liquor abuse.

It was amid the restoration program that specialists understood that the man was really experiencing withdrawal side effects being denied of his Google Glass headset, which he needed to part with while on the project.

The man, whose name has not been revealed, turned into a subject of perception.