Baidu with its Growing Mobile Presence, Hit 27 Percent Profit Increase

Baidu with its Growing Mobile Presence, Hit 27 Percent Profit Increase

On Thursday, Baidu Inc., the Chinese search engine said that its profits for this quarter increased twenty seven percent. This spike was attributed to the increased user traffic for its mobile operation which exceeded its search business which is primarily desktop computer-based.

The company based in Beijing said that its earning was 3.9 billion yuan or $631.5 million. The company's revenue grew fifty two percent in a year to $2.2 billion.

Robin Li the company's chairman said in a statement, "This quarter, mobile traffic surpassed PC traffic and mobile revenue contributed 36 percent of our total revenue."

Baidu, just like the other companies that have provided internet services in the age of desktop computing is moving fast towards rolling out new mobile services due to changes in customer preferences. The Chinese users are swiftly shifting their preferences to connecting online through smartphones and tablet computers in the new era.

Though Baidu is the leading Internet search engine in the traditional market, yet it has a rather smaller presence when it comes to mobiles.

The beginning of 2013, Baidu has invested $2.7 billion or more for enlarging its mobile offerings. It has acquired video, group-buying along with many other services to make its presence felt among the users.