San Diego Gives Green Signal to Landmark Water Recycling Plans

San Diego Gives Green Signal to Landmark Water Recycling Plans

On Tuesday to in a big step towards larger water independence, unanimously the San Diego City Council approved plans for long term recycling of sewage into drinking water. Advanced scientific techniques will be used for the process.

A combination of different kind of people including community leaders, environmental organizations and business groups called the plan as one of the best ways to reduce dependence on imported water. They also thought it to be a perfect way to create a sizable and drought-proof source of water supply.

Marti Emerald a councilwoman said, "We can no longer afford to use water just once in this region. If we don't act today, it's literally kicking the problem down the road."

Councilman Scott Sherman mentioned that San Diego must try to make efforts to bring down sharply growing costs and reduce dependence on imported water. These costs have doubles in price since 2009. Though the current price tag of the recycled and purified water will be more than the imported alternative, yet in the long run it is expected to be reversed.

The project, which is being called Pure Water San Diego, is likely to provide water that will suffice one third of the city's need for potable water by 2035.