Ship Industry Worried About a Proposed Bill Which Could Hurt the Shipbuilding Industry in San Diego

Ship Industry

Next week, the U. S. Senate is likely to take up a bill that argues that the Keystone XL pipeline should be constructed. But an amendment that is linked to that bill worries the shipbuilders of San Diego as well as all the other parts of the country.

The amendment proposal is coming from John McCain, the Arizona Senator and if passed, it would effectively burn down a law which is called the Jones Act.

The law passed in 1920, includes several things, one among which says that all goods that are transported by means of water between the ports of the U. S. should be carried in ships that are equipped with the U. S. flag and is owned by citizens of the U. S. Not only that, they should also be crewed by people who are U. S. citizens and the ships must be constructed in the U. S.

However a likely alteration the last part has left the shipbuilders in America really worried.

For San Diego, the huge General Dynamics/Nassco shipyard located on Harbour Drive is the lone ship yard in the West Coast for construction of new ships. There are not many shipyards left in the United States that cater to construction of new ships. This ship construction site employs 3,000 or more people. It also provides jobs that are highly paid and need highly people for filling the positions.