Minimum Wage for Tipped Workers Raised in New York

Minimum Wage for Tipped Workers Raised in New York

The minimum wage has been increased for tipped workers by a state wage board. The new rate will come into effect from December 31 and it will now scale from the previous$5 to a new $7.50 per hour.

This alteration in wage rate was announced by Governor Cuomo during a rally with union leaders.

Cuomo, while addressing the members of the union members said that the businesses are getting "record profits" and renewed his call to lift the minimum wage rate in the state for the non-tipped workers to $10.50 per hour and $11.50 in New York City.

Cuomo said, "Business is doing well, God bless them. But it is time that they share. We are looking at a polarization of income in this country like we've never seen before."

However, the announcement did not make everyone happy. The restaurant industry was not so glad at the decision which the Cuomo administration sanctioned with a plan to lift up the minimum wage from $5 to $7.50 per hour for the tipped workers.

The wage rate for New York City may go to $8.50 per hour in case the minimum wage rate in the city is spiked at a higher level as compared to the rest of the state.