Apple to go ‘Green’ in China, Tim Cook Visits Beijing

Apple to go ‘Green’ in China, Tim Cook Visits Beijing

Apple is making an effort go green in China and CEO of the tech giant company is promoting efforts to manage forests in a sustainable way partnering with the WWF (World Wildlife Fund).

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO recently traveled to China for two main reasons basically to promote a greener push and also to celebrate the success of its iPhones in the country as the Chinese customers have bought more number of iPhones in the current year in comparison to their American counterparts.

Cook, on Monday, joined Sina Weibo which is asocial media service like Twitter and is successful in China as Twitter is banned in the country. Although Weibo is struggling to keep up with the competition it faces from the other accepted social-media networks in the domestic market such as WeChat, but the arrival of Cook definitely was a reason for a lot of attention. Within a span of three and a half hours after joining Weibo, Apple's CEO had already attracted a large number of followers and by Tuesday morning the number swelled to about 400,000.

Although the smartphone market in China has contracted four percent this year in the first three months as compared to the last year yet it is a good time for Apple in China as its revenues have expanded by seventy one percent to $16.8 billion in the country. In China, Apple is the current largest smartphone vendor and has outpaced Samsung.