Volkswagen Scandal puts Germany in Uncomfortable Spot

Volkswagen Scandal puts Germany in Uncomfortable Spot

Germany, the country which has been trying hard to hold its reputation high by giving asylum to refugees mainly from war torn Syria and handling the debt crisis in Greece got a hard blow with the recent Volkswagen scandal.

The much talked about Volkswagen scandal came at a time when the country is trying to set an example for the others on bringing down carbon emissions.

In Germany, the emphasis on cleaner power sources or alternative energy, like wind and solar has spiked the cost for its enterprises as well as consumers. The country's determined policy to cut back on carbon-based fuels just received a blow as last week VW disclosed about the systematic cheating where the emission standards deviated for their diesel models on road and when tested for pollution. It is surely one of the most iconic companies of Germany headquartered in the state of Lower Saxony. The country is also very closely associated with its auto industry and that is one of the main job sources.
However, Germany was quick in its response, with the immediate shock subsiding they found a new way of explaining the Volkswagen trouble.

On Wednesday, a German newspaper wrote, "The biggest problem of VW is that this giant concern has become ungovernable. VW is led centrally from Wolfsburg. Just a few people have a say - everyone else just receives orders. Doubts or, even, resistance, are unwanted."