Fixing the Diesel Cars that Dodged Emission Standards is now Volkswagen’s Biggest Challenge

Fixing the Diesel Cars that Dodged Emission Standards is now Volkswagen

The recent scandal surrounding Volkswagen is turning into a night mare for the company. The worst of all is fixing the millions of diesel-powered cars that did not comply with the emission standards and were found to be designed with software that dodged the emission tests.

On Monday, Volkswagen shares dropped more than seven percent in European trading as investors found it difficult to agree with the scandal related to emissions testing which is unfolding till now.

Since the initial allegations by EPA, The carmaker has lost about thirty nine percent of its value in six trading days.

What was initially mentioned as 'thousands' by Volkswagen, has now turned into millions. These diesel powered cars were sold globally and the immediate challenge for Volkswagen is to figure out how to fix all of them.

Although the questions are large in number but the main one currently is, by when will VW be able to fix all of these and what will be the cost of it in all?

CEO of the German carmaker, Matthias Mueller has a big challenge in hand. All of those cars have to be fixed. They must rectify the problem to comply with the emissions regulations in all the countries where these were sold.