In San Francisco Uber Launches ‘UberRush’; a New Home Delivery Service

In San Francisco Uber Launches ‘UberRush’; a New Home Delivery Service

On Wednesday, Uber launched "UberRush", marking an entry into the home delivery competition. San Francisco's local businesses can now use Uber services to deliver to people's homes.

UberRush will allow any shop that signs up with it, to use Uber drivers as delivery persons for their products.

Uber GM Susan Alban said, "It enables them to focus on what they do best in their small business and let UberRush take care of the same-day delivery with our technology platform and with our operations."

There is increasing number of home delivery services and the way things are moving, one may not have to leave their homes at all. However, it's only a handful of big retailers who are offering the services and small businesses like the mom & pop shops are left to find means of survival for themselves in case they desire to enter the game board of home delivery services.

UberRush also is usable with app just like the car riding services. It permits businesses to request for a delivery at the customers doorsteps and also to track the driver. The customer will always not know that their package is being delivered by Uber till they get a text or mail for delivery confirmation and also because a new team of delivery partners may be on their bikes and not cars.

Alban said, "It opens up the platform to driver partners but also to a new set of bike delivery partners."