For the First Time KFC Testing Food Delivery in U.S Cities

For the First Time KFC Testing Food Delivery in U.S Cities

Home delivery is the popular choice and KFC is starting its home delivery services in the U.S. Initially, KFC will start delivering fried chicken buckets to customers in two cities. Prior to this the chicken chain did not deliver in the United States.

From Thursday, Los Angeles and San Francisco residents will be able to enjoy KFC food delivered at home. According to KFC it plans expanding the services to Houston by the year end and there may be more cities in the list.

KFC has partnered with DoorDash , the online delivery company for its food delivery including chicken, coleslaw  and biscuits. The orders have to be placed through DoorDash's app or website.

However, although delivery will include all menus on the list but the chicken will not come cheap as delivery fee will be charged according to the location, ranging between $4.99 and $6.99.

KFC expects to add hundred restaurants to offer delivery as a test, prior to expanding the service. KFC has 4,300 or more restaurants in U.S locations.

Although, it is the first time for KFC to deliver in the U.S, the service is offered by the company in other countries including Egypt, India, China, Malaysia and others.