Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin LLC Launched Rocket Test

Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin LLC Launched Rocket Test

Blue Origin LLC which is a company established by Jeff Bezos, recently launched a rocket into suborbital space to sending it to the edge of space and then got it back to earth with a soft landing at a pad in West Texas. In fact, founder Jeff Bezos achieved two technological milestones within about twenty four hours.

On Monday, the craft sent to space by Blue Origin reached an altitude of 329,839 feet. It also deployed a capsule and landed vertically on top of a pillar of flame coming out of its engine.

A video from Blue Origin showed the rocket moving gently as it prepared for a touchdown in the middle of swirling wave of dust.

Richard M. Rocket, chief executive officer and co-founder of market researcher NewSpace Global in Cape Canaveral, Florida said, “This is a major breakthrough for the commercialization of space.” He added, “We used to refer to Blue Origin as Black Origin, because historically they haven’t released much information about the company.

But this proves that a privately funded company can send a rocket to space and back in one piece, and this is a critical part of lowering launch costs and opening up space access.”