Drones Showcased at CES in Las Vegas; a Treat Indeed

Drones Showcased at CES in Las Vegas; a Treat Indeed

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last week gave a chance to many companies to showcase their new inventions, especially new features on drone. There were unmanned vehicles with hi-tech cameras to ones which can transport humans.

The drone segment is becoming a popular sector making evolutions based on consumer-focused trend not remaining stagnant to their early applications only in the armed forces.

A drone company from Israel said, one of its models can be taken out straight from the box, plugged for charging and then flown to deliver small items. It can fly up to a distance of up to twenty-five kilometers.

A wide range of drones were displayed at CES and among them Ehang 184, stood out in the crowd, when it was unveiled at the show.

This model is not like any typical consumer drone. The Ehang 184 is bigger in comparison to most of the regular drones we see that often get stuck in the trees. The Ehang 184 is powered to tear straight through such obstacles. The size of Ehang also makes it capable to carry considerable load. It is the world's first drone that's passenger-ready or PFV (personal flying vehicle). However, the thing to remember is that it's after all a drone and will and will obviously fly itself.