Zika virus can spread through sex

Zika virus can spread through sex

According to a new report, the dangerous Zika virus can spread through sexual intercourse and experts have warned that septs should be taken to control the virus.

Experts also said that they have found evidence that Zika virus can spread through sex, not a mosquito bite. In this rare case, a patient has been infected with the virus through sexual contact inDallas, Texas, according to Centers for Disease Control (CDC). They found that the infected person has travelled to the infected area but their partner had returned from Venezuela.

The WHO has said that the mosquito-borne virus is spreading in the Americas and there might be up to four million cases this year.Global scientists have requested the World Health Organisation (WHO) to take actions to control the Zika virus as it might become an epidemic. They urged the WHO to convene an emergency committee of disease experts to take steps to control the spread of the disease. The disease has affected thousands of people in Brazil and has spread to some 20 countries.

There are growing concerns among expectant mothers, who have recently travelled to countries affected by the Zika virus. There are concerns that they might have been exposed to the mosquito-borne infection.The dangerous Zika virus is already linked to a rash of microcephaly that causes birth defects in babies, who are born with unusually small heads.