Carrier and Ford moving Jobs to Mexico from U.S

Carrier and Ford moving Jobs to Mexico from U.S

One of the hottest topics of the 2016 presidential elections is centered around illegal entry of immigrants into the United States mainly from the Mexican borders.

Donald Trump, national GOP presidential frontrunner is seizing the political opportunity of the news that Ford and Carrier are shifting thousands of jobs from U.S to Mexico as they expand and open new facilities for cost effective production.

Ford Motor Company plans to double its production capacity in a new factory in Mexico rather than expanding in the United States and the news makes a strong point to hold on to politically. The news that Indianapolis based, Carrier, the air-conditioning manufacturer company is also shifting 1,400 jobs to Mexico gave a strong point to Trump.

The primary concern here is job losses inside the country to those people who were not born here. Carrier has said its move is simply based on cost effectiveness and it will remain "committed to ensuring that our employees are treated respectfully."  The shift is likely to take place between a time period within 2017 to2019. On Wednesday, Carrier announced the decision to its employees who protested the move.

Joe Hogsett , the Mayor of Indianapolis called the announcement "without warning and incredibly disappointing."