National Donor Day: Celebrate the Day by registering for Organ Donation

National Donor Day: Celebrate the Day by registering for Organ Donation

Valentine's Day is a day of love, but it's also a day to raise awareness among people about life-saving organ donations. It's National Donor Day which urges people to register for organ donation and take part in all types of donations, such as organs, tissues and blood.

Julie Kilkeary knows the importance of organ donation. When she was about to give birth to a child, she was told about signs of hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Mrs. Kilkeary and her husband were left with a hard choice to make: let their daughter Faith pass, or prepare for three open-heart surgeries when she will be 3 years old.

The couple decided to rely on surgeries and staged reconstruction. They knew that it will be painful for the baby and success rate was low. They were hopeful and their faith won when the baby sailed through the first two operations. But when Faith was one year old, she had to go through a transplant. She was at risk of heart failure and only a transplant could save her, according to the mother.

Mrs. Kilkearny recalled and said that it was a horrible decision for her to make. "My child would live when someone else was burying their child on the same day", she said.

Danielle McKain is another sufferer who can relate to the problem. According to Mrs. McKain, her son Jameson underwent a heart transplant for the same condition more than four years ago. She said that it's always painful to see a baby with heart fail, but when they come out after a successful transplant, a smile appears on a face. The mother said that people should be aware of organ donation. According to McKain, people should consider and register for organ donation as it can save someone's life.