The Fight over a ‘Master Key’ for Apple iPhones Continue; The FBI says All Apple Cares about is Protecting its Brand

The Fight over a ‘Master Key’ for Apple iPhones Continue; The FBI says All Apple

Apple and the federal government both have their own versions of describing what Apple's CEO Tim Cook calls a "master key" which can be used for unlocking hundreds of millions of iPhones and the FBI calls it a requirement to fight terrorism, saying the Apple is just looking at protecting its brand.

According to the multinational technology company, the fight is all about getting security and privacy for everyone and the government of the United States is trying to compel a public company to compromise some of its most important products, setting a "dangerous precedent" which allows the US authority to ask businesses, including Apple, to alter their products in the future.

What the FBI and the Department of Justice says is quite different from the company's viewpoint because the agencies put it as a matter that is required for ensuring that the Americans are not in danger. They say, it is about fighting terrorists who, with time ate turning to more and more sophisticated tools of communication. They say it is a reasonable request made to the company to gain evidence from a single iPhone.

A court order on February 16 requires Apple build a custom version of its iOS software for the iPhone and the tech company has till February 26 to challenge the order of the court. Apple says, if required, it will fight till the Supreme Court.

Cook says that, "very freedoms and liberty our government is meant to protect" are at stake where as the FBI and DOJ contradict that, the company just cares about is defending its brand.