Governor Cuomo Says PFOA Removed From Water in Hoosick Falls

Governor Cuomo Says PFOA Removed From Water in Hoosick Falls

Since late last year, the Hoosick Falls and surrounding areas had been warned that water used in the villages, which is mainly drawn from municipal wells was contaminated with unsafe levels of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA).

PFOA, also known as C-8, is a commercial chemical that is used in manufacturing Teflon and several other products. Many studies have linked the chemical as a cause of cancer, thyroid disease and other pregnancy complications. About six weeks ago Governor Andrew M. Cuomo had declared an environmental emergency and on Sunday he visited the upstate village for first time announcing that the toxic PFOA has been cleared from the municipal water supply using a new filter system.

The public health scare related to the water contamination ranks as one of the worst during the five year administration under Mr. Cuomo. It has drawn criticism due to the government's response, including Department of Health's repeated declaration that the water was safe for use.

The Governor praised the performance of state as well as the local officials on Sunday and said, "Congratulations, job well done. We've made great progress."

However, even after the governor's optimistic announcement, the state officials still warn residents to avoid using tap water for drinking or cooking till the time the local water system has undergone a full flush.