‘Anorexia could be about narcissism’, said Joan Bakewell

‘Anorexia could be about narcissism’, said Joan Bakewell

Joan Bakewell, the broadcaster chairing the Wellcome book prize judging panel, said that she is concerned about the eating disorders among teenagers and also said that it is a sign of "narcissism.

Bakewell gave her remarks about medicine, health and illness. She said that anorexia could be about narcissism and added that, 'To be unhappy because you are the wrong weight is a sign of the overindulgence of our society'. She also said that there is no sign of the disorder in places where there is not enough food and went on to express that there is 'no anorexia in the camps in Syria'.

She is now facing lot of critical reaction on the internet because of her views as in the case for many people expressing their views on sensitive topics. Many believe that her remarks were well within in the ambit of open speech and debate and she should be criticised for them. Some took to the internet to defame the broadcaster accusing her of 'stigmatising' sick young women, spreading 'dangerous opinions' and making life harder for 'those struggling' with the disease.

She has since said that she was 'deeply sorry' if her views 'caused distress' and announced she was 'taking a break from Twitter'. Many supporters believe that there should not be such kind of overreaction to someone expressing their views even if they some wrong to some people.