Scientists are one step closer tocontraceptive pill for men

Scientists are one step closer tocontraceptive pill for men

A team of scientists has indicated that they are now a step closer to developing a contraceptive pill for men.

The team has been able to identify a way to pause fertility and are now looking for a pill without side effects.  The team from Minnesota University presented the findings at the American Chemical Society's yearly meeting and stated that significant progress had been made towards the pill but they are working to develop a product without side effects.

Experts said that a contraceptive pill for women was made available about 5 decades earlier but the scientists are still working to offer a pill for pausing fertility in men temporarily without major side effects. Earlier scientists found an enzyme used by sperm to get inside the egg and sparked the researcher's work.

John Herr, a professor of cell biology who worked on that study, said that the increased understanding of how the sperm is able to bind with and enter the egg, will allow the scientific community to explore opportunities to identify molecules that can disrupt or block the fertilisation for some time.

GundaGerog, who leads the research team, said, "It would have to be soluble so it could be taken by mouth. It would start working fairly quickly and it wouldn't diminish libido. It would be safe even if taken for decades.And because some users would eventually want to have children, its impact on fertility would be reversible, with no lingering ill effects on sperm or embryos."