Indian Point Unit 2 Reactor Shut Down as Inspection Reveals “Faulty Bolts”

Indian Point Unit 2 Reactor Shut Down as Inspection Reveals “Faulty Bolts”

Entergy Corp., which runs a three unit nuclear power plant station at Indian Point Energy Center, in Buchanan, New York said on Tuesday that during a planned inspection greater than 2,000 bolts were inspected and requirement for replacing some of them at Indian Point 2 reactor, made it necessary to shut down.

According to company officials, two hundred or more of the bolts require further analysis and also said some of the inner liner on the reactor was missing. Entergy said on its website on Tuesday, the Unit 2 reactor in Westchester County, "revealed issues" with about eleven percent of the bolts, or 220 of them. The company said the issues found included "missing bolts" and "other degradation requiring replacement of the bolts."

Governor Andrew Cuomo restated his position saying that it is time for the state to pull the license of the nuclear plant.

The discovery of the faulty bolts at the Indian Point Unit 2 plant is what Cuomo calls "the latest in a long series of incidents that raise deep concerns about the management, maintenance and equipment standards at this plant."

Last month, the governor called for an investigation following an evident spill over at the plant which spilled highly radioactive water into an underground monitoring well which raised concerns.