Rate of diabetes highest ever in Wales

Rate of diabetes highest ever in Wales

Data showed that there were more than three million people in Wales and out of that 183,000 or around 7 per cent of them are suffering from diabetes.

The Welsh Government's annual diabetes report showed that the figure is the highest ever since records began. Data showed that the number of adults registered with their GP as having diabetes has increased by a worrying 20 per cent during the previous five years. The data also showed that Type 1 diabetes accounts for only around 10 per cent of cases but it is the most common in young people.

Experts said that type 1 diabetes is when the body destroys the cells that make insulin and this increases the level of glucose and potentially damages the organs. The condition can develop anytime and is often discovered in childhood and requires daily doses of insulin. They said that type 2 diabetes on the other hand is condition in which a person's body doesn't produce enough insulin or doesn't react. Doctors said that symptoms can be controlled with diet, exercise and monitoring blood glucose levels. The disease is linked to obesity and usually develops in later life. The type 2 diabetes accounts for 90 per cent of all cases in the United Kingdom.

The government data showed that there are 1,493 people under the age of 19 with diabetes and 98.1 per cent of boys and 96.5 per cent of girls have Type 1 diabetes. The healthcare officials said that type 2 diabetes are rising. The report also showed that 6,136 more people were diagnosed with the condition in 2014/15 than 2013/14, which means an increase of 3 per cent from the previous year. Officials said that if the same trend continues, the total number of diabetes cases will rise to almost 288,000 by 2025 in the country.