Nigerian ‘witch’ baby now recovering

Nigerian ‘witch’ baby now recovering

A Nigerian baby, who was abandoned by his family as they thought he was a witch, is now recovering fully with the help of aid workers.

The toddler was found starved and riddled with worms after his family had abandoned him. The baby has made a good recovery just eight weeks after he was found. A video of the malnourished child being fed water by an aid worker had attracted a lot of attention online.

The boy is named, Hope, was found in the streets by Anja RinggrenLoven, an aid worker from Denmark living in Africa. Hope was found after he had spent eight months fending for himself, living off scraps. Anja bent down and began to feed him and then wrapped him in a blanket and then rushed the baby to the hospital.

She asked for help to pay for the costly medical bills and was able to receive $1 million in donations from across the world. Just two months have passed, the Hope is now recovering and she shared photos of Hope's recovery. He appeared to be happy and enjoying his time. He was almost unrecognisable as he gained weight, smiling, and playing with other children.