Experts working to increase awareness about Lyme disease

Experts working to increase awareness about Lyme disease

Health care experts in the United States are working to increase awareness about the Lyme disease, which is infecting an increasing number of people across the country.

The inflammatory disease is caused by bacteria transmitted by ticks. It has become difficult to treat as experts said that long-term antibiotic use was not able to reduce the symptoms. Experts said that the disease is most commonly reported vector-borne illness in the country. The infection spreads through ticks, which feed on the blood of birds, mammals and even humans. They said that the spider-like creatures are often found infesting deer and can also be found undergrowth

Data showed that there were 25,359 confirmed cases of Lyme disease in 2014 in the US. The state of Pennsylvania was the worst affected with 6,470 confirmed cases followed by Massachusetts with 3,646 confirmed cases.

The experts have found that the bacteria were carried by parasites that are resistant to drugs. They said that the new disease causes headaches, fatigue and muscle disease in a similar manner to the Lyme disease. There are concerns that this bacteria can be misdiagnosed as flu or other viral infections and could be given ineffective treatment and face the risk of more serious consequences like Lyme disease. The new disease was first discovered in Japan in 1995 but it was only linked to humans by the Yale School of Public Health in 2011.