Trump Criticizes Ford’s Move of Building a New Assembly Plant in Mexico

Trump Criticizes Ford’s Move of Building a New Assembly Plant in Mexico

On Tuesday, Ford Motor said will build a new assembly plant in Mexico for small cars. The announcement from the carmaker is not a surprising one because last year it said; it will discontinue the production of its Focus compact car and C-Max hybrid in 2018 at its assembly plant in Wayne, Michigan. The auto maker has been following a trend to move more of its productions over there due to availability of lower wage workers and favorable trade laws.

Dearborn, Michigan based Ford, is the second largest auto maker in the country and said it would invest $1.6 billion for construction a plant which will employ 2,800 workers. The company said it will start making vehicles there by

In recent times, many of the auto companies have been extending operations in Mexico making it a big auto manufacturing center. In 2015, 3.4 million vehicles were produced in Mexico.

Donald J. Trump, the Republican presidential candidate has criticized Ford's move of aggressively expanding investments and factory activities in Mexico. On Tuesday itself, Mr. Trump said Ford's plan new factory building plan was "an absolute disgrace."

Ford's chief executive, Mark Fields said "At the end of the day we are a multinational company, and we will do what's best for the business." He also mentioned that the auto manufacturer has invested $10 billion and created
25,000 jobs in the U. S since the recession times. The company is not only expanding to Mexico but intends to grow their activities in China along with other countries.