Study shows women are harshest judges of weight

Study shows women are harshest judges of weight

According to a new study on gender differences, women are the harshest judges of weight of a person especially other women and the idea of beauty.

The researchers aiming to study the relationship between gender, BMI and notion of 'attractiveness' found that the weight of a person in linked to attractiveness. They also found that women are the harshest judges and are also mostly judged on their weight and attractiveness.

The team of researchers said that women perceive men and women with higher body mass index (BMI) as less attractively. They also said that the women were found to be judging other women harshly about weight in relation to beauty. Interestingly, men did not see other men with higher weight as less attractive but judged women harshly on women. Men perceived overweight women as less attractive.

Sonia Oreffice, professor of University of Surrey in Britain said, "This is the first study that looks at the relationship between BMI and attractiveness, from both gender's perspective.When it comes to 'beauty', being an overweight woman is judged negatively by both sexes whereas men are a lot more forgiving towards each other."

The study shows a relationship between body size and beauty and the wage inequality. The researchers said that anthropometric attributes including physical measures of a person's size, form, and functional capacities also play an important part in wage regressions besides the idea of attractiveness.

The study was published in the journal Economics and Human Biology.