Yahoo still has Millions of Users but that’s not Helping Its Revenue

Yahoo still has Millions of Users but that’s not Helping Its Revenue

Yahoo once a popular name with the Internet users has lost its charm over the years. For almost two decades Yahoo! built one of the most frequently visited sites in the U.S. The company's online display advertising business was also quite robust but over the years something went wrong.

The investors have lost confidence in the company and have been successful in pushing the company to look for a sales deal of its core business.

So the question arises, what actually went wrong at Yahoo? The company could not maintain its stride with the changing world over the years. It caught up with the changing Internet era in the initial years but lost its advertisement earning war to Google and Facebook.

Yahoo's status as the third ranking website in account of most visited, did not translate into earnings. Though the website has more than two hundred million visitors every month in the US but investors feel breaking it up will brighten up its financial prospects.

Yahoo is exploring a sales option and on Tuesday the company's executives said they will carry on looking for a suitable buyer. Yahoo reported its revenue has dropped eleven percent compared to last year, but still it will move ahead with plans of expanding its mobile and video advertising.