Chemical plant blast kills three people, injures many in Mexico

Chemical plant blast kills three people, injures many in Mexico

A massive blast at a major chemical plant has killed three people and caused injuries to several people in Gulf state of Veracruz in Mexico on Wednesday.

The explosions occurred at a major petrochemical facility owned by the Mexican national oil company Pemex. The explosion also pumped a cloud of noxious chemicals into the sky. Luis Felipe Puente, head of federal emergency services, confirmed reports that three people have died in the incidence and also said that around 136 people were injured and out of those around 88 are still receiving treatment in hospitals.

The company said that the explosion, which sent a huge, dark plume of smoke towards the sky, occurred at the chlorinate 3 plant near the port of Coatzacoalcos, which is one of the major oil exporting hubs for the company. The local emergency officials also said that hundreds of people have been evacuated from the area near the site.

A video footage showed burst of flames at the plant and that was followed by a thick plume of smoke. Initiation reports have not found the reason behind the blast but the company initially warned local residents to keep away from the site because of what it described as a dissipating cloud of toxic fumes.