Twitter’s User Number Remain Almost Stagnant in the First Quarter

Twitter’s User Number Remain Almost Stagnant in the First Quarter

Twitter reported its first quarter earnings report on Tuesday and once again the company came up with a mostly stagnant number of users of 310 million though it's an increase from 305 million in the fourth quarter. 

It is still very small compared to its rival Facebook and in size f users is about one-fifth of the Menlo Park, California based online social networking company. Twitter cannot even boast about being bigger in size in comparison to LinkedIn, the popular professional networking site.

Twitter's revenue could not keep in line with expectations but per-share earnings surpassed analysts' estimates.
Revenue increased thirty six percent to $595 million compared to $436 million in the previous year.
Twitter stock dropped to $15.49 by $2.28, during the afterhours trading that's about thirteen percent. CEO Jack Dorsey returned to take over the helm of Twitter which he co-founded in 2006.

After his return he has said that Twitter requires to work harder both at drawing attention of new users and to give the existing ones added reasons to come back often. But until now none of them have happened in reality.

Michael Pachter , an analyst with Wedbush Securities argues that Twitter is still failing to make itself responsive  to new users. He said, Twitter's problem is that the management does not understand what they have."