Sanders campaign planning to layoff two hundred staff members

Sanders campaign planning to layoff two hundred staff members

The campaign of Bernie Sanders has announced that it is planning to lay off around 200 people from its rolls following recent losses on Tuesday in which Sanders managed to win just one state out of five against rival Hillary Clinton.


The campaign indicated that it will lay-off staff members in order to be able to concentrate its remaining resources on upcoming contests. The campaign is focusing largely on the large contest in the state of California on 7 June, 2016. Sanders spokesman Michael Briggs said that the layoffs are aimed at right sizing and comes as there are fewer primary contests remaining.


Campaign manager Jeff Weaver pointed out that there will be more than 300 Sanders campaign workers active in remaining states. He said that the layoff of 225 staff members is a part of the campaign. The Sanders campaign had as many as a thousand employees at the peak of the campaign season. Bernie Sanders is trailing Clinton in the race for delegates by a large margin and he would be required to win more than 80% of the remaining delegates to win the contest, which is highly unlikely.


The campaign said in a statement that, “Our campaign has now completed 80 percent of the primaries and caucuses. We look forward to winning here in Indiana next Tuesday and in the few remaining states and territories holding primaries and caucuses in May and June. That means that we no longer require many of the loyal and dedicated state and national support staffers who helped us in places like New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and other states where the nominating contests have been completed.”