Colorado’s Supreme Court Strikes Down Prohibitions on Hydraulic Fracking by the Local Government

Colorado’s Supreme Court Strikes Down Prohibitions on Hydraulic Fracking by the

It was a big win for the oil and gas companies over a lengthy battle, as on Monday the Supreme Court of Colorado struck down prohibitions by the local government on fracking.

In court said in a separate ruling that a moratorium in Fort Collins and a ban in Longmont were not valid as state law forestalled them. Previously, the same conclusion was given by a lower court.
Two more cities and Boulder County all have prohibitions on hydraulic fracking which are most probably affected by the decisions.

According to the industry officials, as there is a nationwide slump in oil and gas exploration, the effect of the temporary rulings in Colorado is expected to be small. However, when the slump gets over, the activities in urban locations throughout the Front Range, along the Rocky Mountains eastern foothills and the most populated region of Colorado with oil and gas production in plenty could be noteworthy. The ruling on Monday opened land for exploration which is rather small. However, experts say, what is more important is that the rulings locked down future efforts that could be made under local jurisdiction to stop fracking.

Dan Haley, the association's president said that regulation of oil and gas production in Colorado is the most stringent in the nation. "This continues to protect citizens and continues to protect the water and air in Colorado, but allows our operators to develop natural resources that have been off-limits for a number of years."