GoPro to delay launch of its first drone

GoPro to delay launch of its first drone

American action camera manufacturer, GoPro has indicated that it will delay the launch of its first drone called, Karma.

The company had earlier confirmed that it is changing the drone product in order to ensure that it becomes something more than a drone. It was earlier believed that GoPro's Karma drone will be unveiled before the launch of GoPro Hero 5, the fifth edition of the company's action camera. However, the company is now likely to release the drone in the busy Christmas shopping season.

Some experts said that it might be a good move for the company to launch the new drone during the Holiday season, as consumer normally buys new products for gifts and for personal use during that time. This could help the company boost its sales and revenues. Company's investors believe that Karma drone will be able to increase the company's sales and popularity in the market.

There are doubts if the action camera manufacturer will be able to meet sales forecast with the launch of the GoPro Hero 5 during current quarter. It will become even more difficult for the company to meet expectations given the delay in the launch of the drone. There will be a lot of pressure on the company to deliver over the Christmas period.