Groups clash at Trump event in San Diego

Groups clash at Trump event in San Diego

Supporters of Donald Trump clashed with those against the presumptive Republican nominee at an event in the city of San Diego as police in riot gear tried to control the situation.


Police officials from the San Diego Police Department with batons tried to disperse the crowd gathered after the Trumpheld a rally. The police ordered the crowd of around 1,000 to disperse and then began forcefully and aggressively pushing protesters and checked them with their batons. Police officials pushed protesters and reporters and some even fell in to fray. They even used pepper-sprayed to disperse protestors.


Some protestors sat down in a public square and refused to move as police officers in riot gear appeared and tried to move then out of the area. The police have also said that around 35 people were arrested. The clashes began after Trump supporters came out to the streets after the event at the San Diego Convention Center.


Donald Trump wrote a letter to the San Diego Police Department to praise the officers' response to the protesters. He wrote, "Fantastic job on handling the thugs who tried to disrupt our very peaceful and well attended rally. Greatly appreciated."