Donald Trump’s Rougher Edge could Jeopardize his Nomination

Donald Trump’s Rougher Edge could Jeopardize his Nomination

The Republicans though remain tight lipped about Donald J. Trump's attack on a Mexican-American judge, an issue which have drawn criticism from many direction, yet they might just be thinking actually how far is too far and are there any ways to keep a check on Mr. Trump?

This week in some interviews, some of the senior members of the Republican National Committee, lawmakers and party delegates to the convention scheduled in Cleveland next month acknowledged that another upsetting self- invited crisis could actually force the party to start thinking of ways to refute Mr. Trump's nomination.

However, the small fraction of the party members who have started opposing Mr. Trump's ways, so far have not succeeded in gaining too much support.

The recent suggestion from Mr. Trump, that the Mexican heritage of Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel should disqualify him from hearing Trump University lawsuit has rekindled talks of formulating a convention coup, which is a complicated and almost unworkable measure taken as a last resort which has not been ever heard of in modern day politics.

This week, Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee, the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee suggested that Mr. Trump has "a crucial two- or three-week period" to level out the rough sides of his ways or will jeopardize his nomination.