Reportedly Tesla Customers Report Suspension Flaw and NHTSA Looking at the Matter

Reportedly Tesla Customers Report Suspension Flaw and NHTSA Looking at the Matte

Reportedly, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says they are going through reports of some suspension failure in Tesla's Model S vehicles.

Reportedly, since October last year, thirty three complaints have been received by the NHTSA regarding the model's suspension parts breaking.

However, Elon Musk ,Tesla CEO hinted on Friday in some of his tweets that these complaints were aimed at tarnishing the brands image by some people by reporting those suspension failures to the federal agency with some phony vehicle identification numbers.

Musk roads, "NHTSA confirmed today that they found no safety concern with the Model S suspension and have no further need for data from us on this matter. Of greater concern: 37 of 40 suspension complaints to NHTSA were fraudulent, i. e. false location or vehicle identification numbers were used." In another tweet he said that some people were trying to create false impressions about the safety related issues and the question remained, why?

A customer who calls himself "gpcoraro" said he notified the company about a suspension breakage in his car and Tesla replied that those parts were not included in the warranty, but he was offered half the amount of $3000 needed for the repair if he signed an agreement.

The customer thereafter posted the agreement online which according to him came from the company and basically included the prerequisite if the customer remained quiet about the issue related to the car, the company will give him $1500.

According to Tesla, the idea is "preposterous."