The GMO Debate is Still On

The GMO Debate is Still On

The GMO debate has been going on for years and Vermont recently passed the legislation that would require companies to label the GM ingredient effective from July 1.

However, often the debate over the issue has been controlled by PR sites that have been funded by the companies themselves and in such events their reliability has been put under question.

On Friday, Senator Bernie Sanders in an email to supporters said that strong action needs to be taken against a Senate bill which will knock over Vermont's recently passed law that needs the companies to label their products containing GM or genetically modified organisms.

Sanders wrote, "The corporate interests are at it again. Monsanto, agribusiness and the bio-tech industry have spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to overturn legislation passed by Vermont, Connecticut, Maine and Alaska that calls for the labeling of GMO food. In fact, they are moving aggressively now because Vermont's strong law goes into effect today."

At present, GMO ingredients are used in almost seventy five percent of all processed foods in the United States. Advocates who support compulsory labeling, wants improved information to be given out to the consumers so that they can make an informed choice about what they eat. The people opposed to this idea say GMO ingredients are safe for consumption and are just like unmodified ingredients and thus labeling makes no sense.