Town’s Mayor offers $100 reward for catching Alligator Gar

Town’s Mayor offers $100 reward for catching Alligator Gar

A number of people continued to look for an Alligator Garon Iroquois lake in Schenectady's City Park as the Mayor of the town announced a $100 reward for anyone catching the invasive fish.

It is believed that the Alligator Gar was someone's pet and get released into the lake. Several fishermen are hoping to catch the fish because they might never have the experience of catching that fish again and also because of the $100 reward offered by the Mayor Gary McCarthy.

The Alligator Gar grabbed attention when lifeguard Julian Canavan caught it, took some ppictures and let it back into the water. Many fishermen have spotted the fish several times but were unable to catch it on Wednesday but they are hoping for a better luck as they return for fishing on Thursday. Some people, who have seen the fish, said that it is about 20 inches long, but can grow up to 14 feet.

The alligator gar is a fearsome-looking prehistoric fish and resembles an alligator and two rows of needle-like teeth.In many places, the fish is seen as a weapon against a more threatening the invasive Asian carp.