Apple is acquiring Seattle machine learning startup Turi

Apple is acquiring Seattle machine learning startup Turi

According to a Recode report published on Friday, tech giant Apple is acquiring Seattle-based machine learning startup Turi.  Though the financial terms of Apple's acquisition of Turi have not been officially disclosed, it is being speculated that Apple is paying nearly $200 million for acquiring the startup.

Turi - which was previously called GraphLab and Dato - is chiefly known for marketing software which can be used by companies for creating recommendation engines, sentiment analysis, fraud detection systems, clickthrough predictors, and churn predictors, among others.

Some of Turi's key products include GraphLab Create, Turi Machine Learning Platform, Turi Distributed and Turi Predictive Services. The products marketed by Turi essentially facilitate developers in creating machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) which have the capability to scale automatically in accordance with the requirement.

Apple's interest in acquiring Turi is apparently rooted in the fact that Turi's products can be a noteworthy addition to the Siri digital personal assistant, and also to Apple's online storefronts like Apple Music and its various App Stores.

Apple's acquisition of Turi will reportedly not have any impact on the Turi team so far as its base is concerned. The team - lead by Carlos Guestrin, the Amazon professor of machine learning at the University of Washington - will likely remain based in Seattle.