Ford plans to build a fleet of fully autonomous vehicle by 2021

Ford plans to build a fleet of fully autonomous vehicle by 2021

Bigwig automaker Ford Motor Co. revealed in an announcement on Tuesday that, by the year 2021, it plans to commence the mass production of a fully autonomous vehicle.

The fully autonomous vehicle which Ford plans to build will largely be sold for ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft. The vehicle will not require a driver; and will come without a steering wheel, brake pedals or gas tank.

According to Raj Nair, Ford's Chief Technology Officer, the automaker's planned efforts to build a fleet of fully autonomous vehicles in the next five years underscores a "top down engineering program." Nair further added that the effort would mark a notable deviation from Ford's previous plans for an incremental rollout of self-driving technology.

With Ford apparently planning to build the biggest fleet of autonomous vehicles in the world, CEO Mark Fields said during a news conference held at the company's research facility in Palo Alto, California, that the world is "changing quickly;" and added that the change will be "actively" driven by Ford.

Asserting that the next ten-year period will be defined by "automation of the automobile," Fields said: "We see autonomous vehicles as having as big an impact on society as Ford's moving assembly line did a hundred years ago."