Facebook’s launches new teen-centric app --- ‘Lifestage’

Facebook’s launches new teen-centric app --- ‘Lifestage’

In a move which will enable Facebook to build a stronger base of teenage users, a new teen-centric app has recently been launched by the social network, to allow high-school students and young college-goers to connect with one another.

The new app released by Facebook is called 'Lifestage.' It is presently available only on the iOS platform.

The new Lifestage app is specifically aimed at users aged 21 years or younger, and it basically gives students the ability to know more about their school classmates by viewing each other's video profiles. As such, though the Lifestage app can be downloaded and used by people aged 22 years or above, such users will not be able to view the profiles of others.

According to Facebook's description of the Lifestage app on the Apple App Store, the app "makes it easy and fun to share a visual profile of who you are with your school network." The app enables users to post status updates via video, and also takes their classmates and friends to their other social pages to facilitate direct messaging with the help of 'Reach Me' notes on their accounts.

The Lifestage app -- which does not require users to connect their Facebook account during sign up -- shows the users the profiles of their peers at high school or college only after at least 20 students have signed up at an individual institution.