Microsoft launches dedicated website for reporting hate speech

Microsoft launches dedicated website for reporting hate speech

In an announcement made on Friday, software biggie Microsoft said that it has launched a dedicated website, to facilitate people in reporting hate speech in its consumer communities.

According to the announcement, the newly-launched website for reporting hate speech unfolds a web form which enables people to report any content which backs violence or promotes hatred on the basis of gender, age, disability, religions, national or ethnic origin or race, and sexual orientation/gender identity.

In addition, the new web form also allows people to register a protest if they feel that their sites or posts were unjustly blocked or removed by Microsoft on account of a supposed violation.

The launch of the dedicated website for reporting hate speech - on Xbox Live, OneDrive, Outlook, Skype, Docs. com, and Sway - underscores an effort by Microsoft to stringently tackle online abuse.

In reference to the launch of the new website for reporting hate speech, Jacqueline Beauchere -- Microsoft's chief online safety officer -- said in a blog post that the company has, for the last several years, has been trying to protect its customers by prohibiting hate speech and removing offensive content from its hosted consumer services; and added: "While neither our principles nor our policies are changing, we are refining some of our processes to make it easier for customers to report hate speech."