Samsung sued over exploded Galaxy Note 7 handset

Samsung sued over exploded Galaxy Note 7 handset

According to a Reuters report, a man named Jonathan Strobel has filed a lawsuit in Florida against Samsung Electronics over the company's exploding Galaxy Note 7 smartphones.

The lawsuit, filed on Friday, is apparently the first lawsuit involving Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 handsets --- the company's newest flagship smartphones.

Samsung had launched the Galaxy Note 7 worldwide in late August, and within barely two weeks of the launch, the company announced a global recall of the 2.5 million units it had sold. The recall was prompted by reports that the batteries of some of the handsets had exploded. 

In the lawsuit involving Galaxy Note 7 handsets, Strobel has revealed that his Galaxy Note 7 exploded on September 9, while he was carrying it in his pants pocket. Strobel said that, as a result of the explosion of the handset, he received a second-degree burn on his leg and also burnt his thumb while trying to take the handset out of his pocket.

Via the lawsuit, Strobel has damages for his medical bills, suffering, and lost wages.

Meanwhile, about the lawsuit, a Samsung spokesperson told The Verge that the company is "aware of Mr. Strobel's incident," but will not offer any comments on pending litigation.