Report: Apple has hired two AR/VR experts over the summer

Report: Apple has hired two AR/VR experts over the summer

A recently released Business Insider report has revealed that two experts from the augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) arena have been hired by tech giant Apple; thereby indicating the company's increasing interest in the emerging technologies.

According to the report, the two AR and VR experts hired by Apple over the summer are Zeyu Li and Yury Petrov. The executives have been poached from two prominent companies in the AR/VR field --- Facebook-owned Oculus VR; and AR-focused startup Magic Leap.

Li is a vision algorithm engineer who has joined Apple after leaving Oculus VR; whereas Petrov is a research scientist from Magic Leap.

The hiring of Li and Petrov is an interesting move by Apple, which has been rumored to be quietly building a sizable and impressive team of engineers and researchers who are profoundly experienced in AR and VR technologies. Towards that end, a Financial Times reported released in January had revealed that Apple already has "hundreds" of employees working on AR and VR.

Meanwhile, earlier, in another noteworthy hiring by Apple this year, the company had hired Doug Bowman, who is largely considered to be one of the world's leading VR experts.