Rise in concussion diagnoses in Alabama means better awareness level

Rise in concussion diagnoses in Alabama means better awareness level

A new study carried out by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association has unveiled about an uptick in concussion diagnosis in Alabama by almost 5%. Amongst all, the researchers have noticed a significant rise in youth.

Over the last five years, a rise of 39% has been witnessed in the concussion diagnosis among Alabama's youth aged between 10 and 19. Experts said that knowing about rise in the concussion cases mean that awareness level is on rise.

Dr. James Robinson, Medical Director at the Alabama High School Athletic Association said, "What that is telling me is that it's not necessary that we're having a concussion epidemic, what we're seeing is that we're having a better awareness of the diagnosis and management of concussions".

Dr. Robinson said that in this tree-decade-old practice, the level of concussions has remained stable and the only difference is that children are now seeking medical treatment. Now, a state rule has been passed as per which if a children has signs of a concussion then he cannot practice until he is given clean chit from a physician.

This is the reason that children are coming to the physician's office. As per Dr. Robinson, the Dr. Robinson was passed in 2011. In fact, majority of the states in the nation have same laws to increase the awareness level.

Main aim of the law was to ensure that children having a concussion are not playing and that may actually worse the injury. Awareness level is increased by making the athletes and parents sign a concussion information sheet each year.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has suggested that people should seek medical attention if they face symptoms including severe headache, weakness, vomiting and slurred speech.