Mount Barujari’s all of sudden eruption leads to evacuation and cancellation of flights

Mount Barujari’s all of sudden eruption leads to evacuation and cancellation of

Without any prior indication, Mount Barujari on Lombok Island started spewing massive amount of ash and smoke into the atmosphere on Tuesday afternoon. Authorities concerned have shared that the ash column has reached 2,000 meters.

Till now, there are no reports of injury due to the eruption.SutopoPurwoNugroho, spokesman for Disaster Mitigation Agency said that around 400 people were hiking near Mount Barujari when it started to erupt, which resulted into immediate evacuation.

More than 1,100 people have been evacuated. Nugroho said that a rescue team has been sent to the Mount Rinjani also known as the Child of Rinjani. Authorities concerned have asked hikers to maintain at least three kilometres distance from the volcano.

Though most of the hikers have taken the traditional route to reach the summit, there is a possibility that some hikers might have gone off-piste. On Tuesday, the threat level was upgraded as Mount Barujari sent plumes of smoke and hot ash into the atmosphere. It would still take two steps to reach at the highest-risk category.

Heronimus Guru, the deputy operations chief at Indonesia's Search and Rescue Agency, said that farms and tress around the volcano were all covered in a thin layer of gray ash, but there was no danger to towns and villages.

Though some flights to and from the nearby resort island of Bali were cancelled overnight, no changes came in the flights from Lombok's international airport. Experts said that flight disruption is not something new in Indonesia.

Last month also an eruption took place at Mount Rinjani and it resulted into the closure of Lombok airport and also affected certain flights to neighboring Bali.