Valve shows off its new prototype SteamVR controller

Valve shows off its new prototype SteamVR controller

At its currently ongoing Steam Dev Days conference in Seattle on Wednesday, Valve showed off a new virtual reality (VR) controller prototype --- the SteamVR controller.

The low-key introduction of the prototype SteamVR controller by Valve came amid the several announcements which were teased by the company at the conference. The announcements chiefly pertained to the efforts being made by Valve on its OpenVR platform.

In introducing its new VR controller prototype, Valve shared some pertinent information about SteamVR, drawing attention to the fact that more than 600 VR titles are presently available on the online store, with nearly one thousand new VR users being registered every day.

With Valve already having built most of the underlying VR technology for the HTC Vive headset, the company revealed at the conference that the new VR controller prototype will have the capability to detect when the users open and close their hand, thereby enabling them to grip and drop virtual objects in a game.

Though Valve has not clarified what the VR controller prototype's ability to detect the users' open and close hands actually means, it is being speculated that the controller will probably be a wrist-mounted device.


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