White House’s plans for "digital transition" between Obama administration and new president

White House’s plans for "digital transition" between Obama administration and ne

On Monday, the White House published an overview to explain how it plans to put in place a "digital transition" between the outgoing Obama administration and the incoming 45th US president.

The plans outlined by the White House basically mark the imminent transfer of social media accounts from President Obama to the new president.

According to the information shared by the White House, Obama will leave for the incoming president a huge following on the Twitter microblogging platform, but with a clean slate of tweets.

The White House has revealed that President Obama's official @POTUS account will be handed over to the new president; with Obama's tweets to move to a new handle -- @POTUS44 --which will be maintained by the National Archives and Records Administration.

Similarly, President Obama's Facebook and Instagram accounts will also be taken over by the new president; with all the posts on the White House's current pages to be cleared, but the follower count to remain unaffected.

The same 'official handing over of social media accounts' procedure will also take place for other prominent Twitter accounts, including Michelle Obama's @FLOTUS account and Vice President Joe Biden's @VP account.