Researchers create high resolution map of brine pool off coast of New Orleans

Researchers create high resolution map of brine pool off coast of New Orleans

A team of researchers has created a high resolution map of the area that is believed to be one of the oddest as well as deadliest places on Earth -- the bottomless 'jacuzzi of death or despair' in the Gulf of Mexico.

A huge brine pool was first discovered under the Gulf on Mexico in 2014 using a robo-submarine. Now, the researchers have returned to craft the area's first high resolution map, with a hope that it could be holding the key to find life on other planets.

The researchers reported that they focused on a the 'Jacuzzi of Despair' that is called so due to its warm temperature (19°C) and extremely high level of salt content, which can be fatal to several macrofauna.

Erik Cordes, an associate professor of biology at Temple University, called the circular, brine-filled pool one of the "most amazing things" in the deep sea.

Speaking on the topic, Cordes said, "This crater-like, circular, brine-filled pool rose 3 m above the surrounding seafloor, and brine was spilling out on one side in a spectacular 'waterfall' … It was one of the most amazing things in the deep sea."

The researchers reported their findings in the most recent edition of Oceanography, an international peer-reviewed Open Access journal that covers research on marine biology and fisheries and coastal zone management.


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