Google Capital re-branded as ‘CapitalG;’ Snapchat added to its list of investments

Google Capital re-branded as ‘CapitalG;’ Snapchat added to its list of investmen

On Friday, Alphabet's venture capital arm Google Capital announced a brand refresh as well as website design, with part of the move marking the quiet addition of social media firm Snapchat to Google Capital's investments list.

According to the details shared on the Google Capital website, the brand refresh move unfolds the re-branding of Google Capital as 'CapitalG.' Founded in 2014, Google Capital is one of Alphabet's two venture capital arms -- the other one being GV - which, as per the website, chiefly invests in more mature businesses, with the objective to make "returns-driven investments in leading companies around the world."

As a result of the re-branding of Google Capital as CapitalG, the old Google Capital domain is now redirecting to the new CapitalG website. Similarly, the CapitalG branding has also been assigned to Google Capital's Twitter and Google+ accounts, which are now respectively @capitalgtweets and +capital.

Along with Alphabet's Google Capital re-branding move, Google spokeswoman Winnie King has disclosed that Snapchat is one of Google Capital's portfolio companies.

However, King refrained from divulging any details related to the timing, reasoning or size of Google Capital's Snapchat investment.